Ignite Technology and Innovation partners with HereMobility

Ignite partners with HereMobility to provide transportation solutions to members of their co working spaces.

I am very excited to be partnering with HereMobility. I have been very disillusioned by the ride share industry. On the heels of all of the sexual assaults that were reported to have occurred with Uber Drivers to just the inconsistency in service.

Gabby Levine and Tracy Powell

HereMobility is offering an alternative as well as a cheaper solution to these problems. We have people visiting all the time from other cities and countries who aren’t familiar with the city. So HereMobility offers a quick and accurate solution for us to give directions and to book transportation for our guest.

Gabby Levine the regional manager of North America visited our space to talk about what and how this partnership looks and to give us the high level benefits to this transportation solution.

We look forward to rolling this out in our Blue Lacuna and Momentum locations.

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