Ignite Entrepreneurs Initiative to Empower Chicagoland’s Entrepreneurs

Ignite Technology and Innovation Inc. a 501c3 has partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur, a New York-based 501c3, to create the Ignite Entrepreneurs Initiative (IEI) to empower 5,000 current and future entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed even in challenging times. IEI aligns its goals with the goals of Chicago’s corporate and philanthropic community by helping them support small businesses, enhance their brands and meet their community, diversity, and social responsibility goals.  

In keeping with Ignite’s mission to create equitable wealth and a shared prosperity in under-resourced communities entrepreneurs throughout Chicago will have free access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – a digital “one-stop shop” of the knowledge, tools and support entrepreneurs need to start and grow their businesses.  Both during and after COVID-19, this will provide Chicago entrepreneurs with the knowledge and support they need – wherever they are.

Through this initiative, Chicago’s corporate and philanthropic community will “sponsor” 5,000 entrepreneurs to receive free access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community. Each sponsoring organization will have the opportunity to support the number and type of entrepreneurs of their choosing.

The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community, featured in national media outlets such as MSNBC and Forbes, and throughout the world, provides multiple ways for entrepreneurs to get answers to the business and personal challenges they face via a mix of

  • knowledge (300 online, digestible, and organized teaching vignettes), 
  • tools (100s of templates) and 
  • ongoing support (via interactive weekly coaching and an online community). 

Tracy Powell President of Ignite Technology and Innovation said” We are excited to be working with the Lonely Entrepreneur we know that some entrepreneurs possess great ideas but sometimes lack the basic tools for success”. Through the initiative Chicago entrepreneurs will have access to not only the learning resources in the Learning Community but ongoing support in the form of an online community and weekly group coaching. And more recently, the Learning Community has added an Entrepreneur Survival Guide to help entrepreneurs through the COVID-19 crisis.

“Everyone understands the importance of the entrepreneur to the success of Chicago and our nation.” said Michael Dermer, founder and CEO of TLE. “With IEI, everyone wins. Entrepreneurs have a better chance of success. Companies and philanthropies can give back and meet their community and social responsibility goals. And it is an honor to partner with Ignite Technology and Innovation.”


The Lonely Entrepreneur (TLE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to turning entrepreneurial passion into success. Founded in 2015, TLE provides solutions to the business and personal issues that all entrepreneurs face. 

This is achieved through his top-rated book The Lonely Entrepreneur,  coaching and  The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – an extensive online learning and community platform which offers live coaching sessions, over 300 learning modules and a vibrant online community offering real-time answers. Both the book and Learning Community provide solutions to the business and personal issues that all entrepreneurs face. 

If you are interested in getting access to the platform please click the following link. Click here


For additional information, please contact Ms. Nikki Bravo, Executive Director, Ignite  [email protected]. Phone 773.405.8834.

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