Ignite Technology partners with Trinet

Ignite Technology and Innovation offers HR Benefits and Healthcare to Members

Ignite Technology and Innovation has partnered with Trinet to provide HR Benefits and Health Insurance to the members of the co working spaces. Members of Blue Lacuna and all upcoming spaces now qualify to benefit from the partnership. Members will have access to Health Insurance, HR Benefits, Workmans compensation and 401K’s.

Ignite Technology and Innovation will have a partnership kickoff event that will talk more a bout the partnership and partnership benefits in June during the Ignite The Connection monthly social.

I am very happy about the partnership, what we are trying to achieve with our organization is to take away the impediments to building successful businesses in our communities. When I asked people what the number one impediment to starting a business it was the fear of losing their company benefits. So for me this is critical to developing a comprehensive ecosystem in the small business and startup community.

Tracy Powell President of Ignite Technology and Innovation

List of Benefits Below

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