Access Ignite Entrepreneurs Initiative

The Ignite Entrepreneurs Initiative is an Online platform in Partnership with the Lonely Entrepreneur.

Through this initiative, corporations, philanthropies and individuals “sponsor” entrepreneurs to receive free access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – a one-stop shop for the knowledge, tools and support individuals need to be entrepreneurs.

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With Covid-19  changing the way we work and learn .  There is a bigger need to have comprehensive online solutions to education.  We are stepping up and partnering with the The Lonely Entrepreneur to give access to the Ignite Entrepreneurs initiative an online solution. With your support, Chicago entrepreneurs will now have access to the knowledge, tools and support they need to start or grow a business. if you are iterested click the link Below.

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Developing Community Programs

We are helping to  build our communities by supporting programs that increase the capacity of youth and adults technology education and business development.  We can build for ourselves if we support ourselves.


Adult Programs

Help support our workforce Development programs for Adults that can’t afford the cost.

Youth Programs

Help underserve youth get access to technology education through workshops and classes.

Launch 100

Help support an innovative program that is designed to increase the number of  business startups in underserved communities.

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Interested in our programs or joining our space for workshops classes or just co working.  We have offices and shared open spaces in several locations.  Schedule a tour today.