Momentum coffee

Momentum Coffee & Coworking Opening May 4th

Mobile Orders and Carryout Only

Momentum Coffee and Coworking will be opening on May 4th to do Mobile orders for carryout. COVID-19 caused the delay in the opening of the full Coworking space. “I am hoping that we will be able to open the full space soon, but until then we will be doing Mobile orders for carryout for now” said Tracy Powell , President of Ignite Technology and Innovation.

Momentum is utilizing the mobile application call Joe Coffee App. Joe Coffee App is timely because most restaurants and cafes can only do carryout during the lockdown . “Taking advantage of an existing platform was a huge headstart considering the time it would take to build a custom mobile app for mobile orders” said Tracy Powell.

Momentum will be serving coffee roasted by Dark Matter Coffee a very popular coffee operation based on the north side of Chicago. Momentum will be partnering with Peeka’s Sweet Treats for pastries, cupcakes and cookies. ” I am always excited when we partner with people of color and do business. This is a win win for each of us” said Tracy Powell.

Momentum will be open Mon-Fri 8:00 to 2pm. Momentum is located at 2119 S State Street in Chicago’s South Loop community. To download the Joe Coffee App simply text “coffee to 474747 . Go to the Momentum Coffee store and make your order. To go to the online version of the app click the link Order Online

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