Mr. Tracy Powell has joined the GWA (Global Workspace Association) Advisory Board!

The Global Workspace Association (GWA) is a community of professionals that own, design, operate and invest in flexible offices. We create connections and provide resources to help advance individual businesses and the industry as a whole. 

This year GWA Appoints President/President Elect and Several New Board Members. We are happy to report that Mr. Powell has been appointed to the Advisory Board.

About Ignite Technology and Innovation

The Ignite Technology and Innovation  (Ignite) mission is to create equitable wealth and a shared prosperity in under-resourced communities. We develop affordable, accessible coworking spaces enriched with classes and programs. Our programs inspire, encourage, nurture, and grow the untapped ideas of underrepresented entrepreneurs by providing local access to technology, resources, mentorship and strategic connections to potential partners and investors.   

Ignite operates two of the best coworking spaces in the City, the Blue Lacuna and Momentum Coffee. Blue Lacuna is located in Pilsen, Chicago and Momentum is located in South Loop, Chicago. As a space operator it is important to be part of groups that understand the industry and provide connections and resources to support small businesses. 

Opportunity to Learn

The new board will be instrumental in guiding the organization in what is referred to as unprecedented times of COVID 19. Mr. Powell says “… participating in this group allows me to bring industry practices from across the nation, right back here to Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods which we serve..” 

Opportunity to Share 

Mr. Powell states he gets to share “…Our unique experience as black-led organization creating accessible and inclusive space in areas where others might not….It is important to be at the table to both understand and contribute to industry which helps our community of businesses.” He is proud to be a contributor to an organization that understands the power of diversity and diversity of thought.

About Tracy G. Powell

Tracy Powell is a Technology Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer and Investor. He invested the first part of his business career in investments working for firms such as Merrill lynch and First National Bank of Chicago and American Express. As a real estate developer and investor with over 28 years of experience he specialized in urban real estate development. developing 100’s of units of affordable, market rate and elderly housing.

Tracy is also the founder of Blue Venture Partners a Software Development and IT consulting firm, and Blue Fund Rewards which is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on raising capital for startup businesses and organizations. He is the President of Ignite technology and Innovation, a not for profit that focuses on creating technology coworking spaces and programming in under-resourced communities throughout the country.

GWA Press Release

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