We are excited to announce a new partnership with the City of Chicago, City Clerk, CityKey ID !

Ignite Technology and Innovation  will play a role in helping the City of Chicago create an official ID for all citizens. The new program known as “CityKey”  launched  in  2018.

The City of Chicago is the first city in the nation to create a municipal ID program for ALL citizens, regardless of age or immigration status! This amazing new program will be an official form of identification that every citizen can use at their local library branch and many other participating institutions across town including pharmacies, museums etc. And it’s  all FREE!

The CityKey  will be a government-issued, photo identification card that the entire community can access with just one application process. This means no more worries about lost or stolen documents when you’re trying to apply for a job, open an account at a bank or even get a library card. Plus you’ll have all of your  important information in one place.

CityKey is a win-win for everyone, because it also opens up access to many services and programs that the City of Chicago has to offer! For example, you can use your new card at local museums throughout our city like The Field Museum or Shedd Aquarium. Plus with the CityKey  , citizens  can use it to access their local public library branch or Chicago’s historic cultural centers like the Art Institute of Chicago.

The best part is CityKey will be free for anyone who lives, works, pays taxes in our city! Just imagine having all the benefits and opportunities that come with being a citizen at your fingertips when you need them most. You  will never have to worry about losing your driver’s license or passport when you travel because the CityKey  will be accepted at more than 100 locations across Chicago!

The goals of the program are so great, but it does need our help. The Clerk Department has started a Facebook page that gives access to all sorts of information like FAQ’S and  up program. If you’d like to learn more about how CityKey works, click here .

What do you think of this amazing new opportunity? Let us know in the comments below!

Ignite Technology and Innovation’s  Momentum Coffee, South Loop location at 2119 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616 is excited for this new opportunity to share its passion with an even larger audience. We look forward to working alongside the City of Chicago, Chicago Clerk Office and bringing you the Momentum Coffee Experience. Stop by our Momentum Coffee, Chicago, South Loop location as we are now a City of Chicago, Citykey ID program partner. That means discounts for CityKey ID holders.

The City KeyId program is an innovative way for residents and visitors to access public transportation, cultural institutions, sports arenas, and more. It’s also a great way for local businesses like us to give back by offering discounts on our products. As a CityKey ID partner, we are offering discounts on beverages and merchandise to all citykey card holders.  This means that you can get 10% off your coffee at any Momentum Coffee location in Chicago when you show your key card.

In addition to our coffee, we also offer a variety of baked goods from local bakery. We are happy that you can enjoy your morning cup or afternoon pick me up with the support of the city key id program.

The CityKey ID card is free and available through the City of Chicago City Clerk. Check them out to receive your CityKey ID card.

Local Businesses Power Community

Ignite Technology and Innovation’s mission is to create equitable wealth and a shared prosperity in under-resourced communities. We develop affordable, accessible coworking spaces enriched with classes and programs. Our programs inspire, encourage, nurture and grow the untapped ideas of underrepresented entrepreneurs by providing local access to technology, resources, mentorship and strategic connections to potential partners and investors.

You can help us power the community by shopping local. There’s never been a better time than now to visit one of our South Loop location in the Windy City! Come see what all the fuss is about – we promise it will be worth it. And don’t forget about this awesome discount while you’re here too!

Find out more about the CityKey ID Program

Click here to find out more about the CityKey ID Program details! https://www.chicityclerk.com/chicagocitykey

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