Salesforce is Coming to Blue Lacuna

Salesforce is Coming to Blue Lacuna

Salesforce is partnering with Ignite Technology and Innovation to bring you the Salesforce One Day Workshop.  We will be introducing people in Chicago to the Salesforce training platform.  The goals are to expose folks from the south and west sides of the city to the opportunity that exist in Technology and more specifically with Salesforce.  It will be a one day workshop at Blue Lacuna.  We are looking for people that have some technical skills and a laptop computer to participate.

The Agenda is the following:

When: Saturday, October 20
Time : 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Where: 2150 Canalport Suite 2A-11
Chicago IL 60608
What: An Introduction to Salesforce and Trailhead

  • Gain a high-level understanding of what is Salesforce
  • Learn of the opportunities in the Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Understand Trailhead
  • Get Hands-on
    • Create a Trailhead account
    • Complete this Trailmix
      • Achieve 4 badges
        • Trailhead Basics
        • Trailhead Playground Management
        • Salesforce Platform Basics
        • Quick Start: Build your First App
  • Networking event with Community members

To register click the link Below

Click Here


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