Co(mmunity) Working Space vs.Traditional Office

Keys to enhancing productivity and creativity

When it comes to choosing your office space, you will find that there are a lot of options, each with benefits and downsides. When it comes to co-working spaces I recommend first you look into a co(mmunity) working space. Co(mmunity) working spaces offer benefits to your small business that far outweigh any preexisting ideas you have about joining one.

Co-working spaces in general are defined as membership-based workspaces allowing for a diverse group of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals who come together to work in a shared, communal setting. Co-working spaces have proven to be incredibly effective in motivating workers, and have developed from lessons learned in the traditional office environment—as well as the lessons they have provided for those very businesses.

Co(mmunity) working spaces are taking coworking to the next level with a bent on inclusivity, collaboration and community in a non-traditional space.

Promote Inspiration, Diversity, And Hard Work

When someone joins a co(mmunity) working space, they tend to find more meaning in their work. Most people in these environments are freelancers, choosing projects they care about, the results and efforts mean the most to them personally, as well to their bottom line. Working in a shared space among  diverse people and their various projects can make one’s own work identity stronger. 

Imagine the difference: in a traditional office, you might be one person in a cubicle surrounded by dozens of others performing a similar task. co(mmunity) working spaces offer the opposite, making your work stand out and enhancing individuals’ sense of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, a person might find renewed meaning in their work by joining a culture where it’s normal for people to help one another. In a co(mmunity) working space, assistance is unlimited, thanks to the plethora of surrounding businesses and entrepreneurs with unique skill-sets and team oriented mentality. The space itself can also inspire creativity.

Flexible Schedules And Personalized Environments

Because, unlike traditional offices, a typical co-working space is accessible 24/7, people can personally schedule and balance their workweek. Their schedule is entirely up to them allowing for a long lunch or a trip to the gym to let off some steam. You can choose whether you want to work in a quiet space, or in a more collaborative environment where workers have access to shared tables and interaction is encouraged.

Combines Individual Workspaces With A Sense Of Community

One of the biggest reasons people take up an office in a co(mmunity) working space is due to the community and ability to get involved and network. Here, entrepreneurs  can cultivate a unique experience that meets the needs and desires of their respective members. Whether this occurs over coffee in the café or sitting side-by-side in a communal work area, it’s entirely up to them.

Just As Beneficial To Traditional Companies As Solopreneurs And Start-ups

Even if your company is large and well-established, that doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from a community setting. While the Co-working movement has its roots in businesses established by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the tech industry, it is becoming increasingly relevant for a broad range of diverse people and organizations. 

Innovative And Personal Limitations Are Reduced By Offering An Alternative Company Space 

Even if you have a utilized, furnished, office space at your company, taking in some additional real estate at a co-working space can offer an alternative, employee work setting. Perhaps this setting would be locationally beneficial, or just a separate office space used to spark new ideas and motivate different ways of thinking. Best of all, you can try it out on monthly intervals because most community spaces have variable membership plans, allowing you to tailor your space in accordance with your needs and budget.

Creating Environments That Appeal To A Diverse Group Of Employees Can Strengthen Performance And Reduce Turnover 

The advantages of co-working spaces aren’t limited to open-plan layouts or coffee bar amenities. What’s most important is the opportunity to personalize a work environment outside of a normal office setting to support your employees and company team. As a business, you want to encourage both flexibility and support to keep your employees happy and productive, or they might take their talents elsewhere.

Co(mmunity) working spaces may offer unique work settings for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also environments where even the largest of businesses can learn and grow. Combining a well-designed work environment with a well-curated work experience can immensely increase employee performance and happiness in comparison to the all-too-familiar, traditional work environment. 

Businesses need to adapt to survive, and no business could survive without the talent they have acquired. Employees are a resource that need to be properly facilitated, and this means tailoring a workspace to meet their needs. Businesses can learn from the successes of community spaces and provide them for employees as an option to harness success and growth.

Ignite Technology and Innovation is a not for profit that develops and builds co working spaces that offer technology and business programming.  Our spaces accommodate small businesses by offering office space, coworking space, conference rooms and classrooms. Each space offers programming for youth and adults as well as workshops. Ignite currently operates the Blue Lacuna Co(mmunity) Working Space in Chicago,IL . Expanding to cities like Cincinnati and Baltimore with new spaces in development.

For more information please visit our website or email [email protected].

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