Cannabis Social Equity

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The Vision

The Accelerator will help accelerate startup businesses in the ancillary cannabis industry.  While it is good that social equity exist for the dispensaries, growth and infusion of the cannabis plant.  We understand there is a huge potential of opportunities for companies that support the cannabis industry/ Ignites Social Equity Accelerator will identify these companies and startups and look to help accelerate the growth and success of these companies though our 16 week program that will help the companies expand and capitalize their ideas.

Startup Strategy

Companies will attend workshops and meet with mentors establish a viable Startup Strategy.

Startup & Office Space

Blue Lacuna will provide intentional and collaborative workspace for the companies.

Venture Capital

We will bring in VC’s and other interested investors to pitch the companies for seed funding.

Sales & Marketing

Companies will attend workshops and training to help them acquire skills to properly Sale and market their services

Classes & Workshops

There will be a series of workshops and classes to help provide skill enhancement for the entrepreneurs.

Demo Day & Launch

At the end of 16 week program there will be a Pitch and Demo day.


We provide entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities with workspace, expertise, professional development, mentorship, technical assistance and ultimately access to capital investment. We prepare and support these entrepreneurs and connect them to investors so they can launch, grow and sustain their for-profit businesses across the entire seed-to-sale value chain.

ignite Seed

Seed Accelerate is created to help stimulate the development of social equity entrepreneurs in the Cannabis industry. The Accellerator will help entreprenuers with apps and products and services that are ancillary to the cannabis business.  We created the accelerator with knowledge that there is more to cannabis then just handling the plant that there is a huge industry that will be created to support the legalization.

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Cannabis Social Equity Pitch competition

Ignite Seed will  kickoff the Accelerator with a Pitch contest that will feature 15 cannabis based companies all pitching to a panel of Judges to win the opportunity to participate in the Accelerator.

Applications Open Feb 3rd and the Deadline to submit applications is Feb 24th.  Participants will be chosen and the competition is scheduled for March 19th at Blue Lacuna.  For more information Click Here

Where you can find us

We are located at Blue Lacuna 2150 Canalport Ave Chicago Il 60608 2nd Floor  Call us 312-778-6374 or email at [email protected]

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